Sunday, January 27, 2013


I have been thinking about this kind of shit a lot lately... About how fragile and lovely and surprising and annoyingly, amazingly uncertain life really is. About how old I'm getting. And about how cool the world actually is...

Yes, yes, there are far too many flag-waving reactionaries, and too much horrid commercialism, and the fact that genetically modified chickens with huge breasts actually exist... gah. Also, far too many kids go to bed hungry. (Why can't we give THOSE kids gigantic chicken breasts? Wait... dammit.)

But I'm hopeful. We are slowly evolving away from our superstitions, I *think*. I actually like our president, most of the time. We're beginning to realize that gay people are not the enemy; they are just people, and deserve our love and respect. And we are - at the moment, anyway - ending more wars than we're starting (though to be honest, if that weren't true I probably wouldn't know).

And tonight I discovered that cole slaw is really good in a spicy chicken burrito. This is news.

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