Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Service rolls both ways

I think great customer service is the most effective kind of marketing imaginable.

I always get tires, brakes and alignment done at Wheel Works in Walnut Creek. Last week I went in to have a slow leak investigated on the mini-van. After the inspection, they brought me out to the shop to show me the damage and explain in detail what had happened (nail through tire) and show me the significant sidewall damage that meant the tire couldn't be repaired. I appreciated the fact that they took the time to demonstrate the issue, rather than just telling me I needed a new tire.

This week, I took the Civic in because it was pulling to the right. They had the car for 2 hours. They put it up on the rack and inspected the alignment, they road-tested it, and they rotated, balanced and topped off the air in all 4 tires. No charge. They could have charged me for the labor, but they didn't.

I think they recognize that good service breeds loyalty. Damn right. I will continue to bring both cars to Wheel Works as long as their service remains top-notch.


  1. Do they make pizzas?

    Thanks for the tip. I rarely know where to go for tires & stuff, so I will look to them first in the future.

  2. My truck finally needed new tires. (OK, to be honest, I finally stopped denying that my truck needed new tires.) I remembered your post on the topic, came and read it, and brought the truck in to this Wheel Works in Walnut Creek.

    I also had a superb experience with them--they ran into an issue with my truck (I didn't have the wheel lock remover thingie they needed), and instead of send me away the manager told his guy to run over to the Snap-On Tools guy and buy the thing I should have had. They didn't charge me any extra, and they got the truck done quickly and got me on my way. Plus, they apologized several times for the delay.

    Anyway, sometimes good service does get rewarded. Thanks for the referral.


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